Friday, 13 November 2015

Top 10 Songs Viewed On This Blog (up till 13/11/15)

Last year on my birthday I indulged myself by choosing a list of my 10 favourite songs of all time (if anyone's interested it's here :

  This year I'll indulge myself again with a much more interesting top 10, these are the 10 most viewed songs on Just Some Punk Songs (though as there's some great tracks that just missed the cut I'll post the next 10 as well). This chart is (in a way) voted for by you guys, as a massive fan of the much missed John Peel this to me is my version of the Festive 50 and it's been a buzz compiling it.

  I didn't know which songs would be included and I'm pleased to see that many of them are by lesser known bands who've put out some great music and I'm glad to see they're popular at least in their own part of the world. If you haven't heard any of these songs, try and have a listen, they're all bloody good.

  Thanks to everyone who's read this and here's the chart.......

20)  Nervous Patterns - Du Kannst Dich Niemals Andern

19)  Criminal Mind - Frustrated & Teenage

18)  Neighborhood Brats - Suburbia

17)  Stiletto Bomb - Ampgrinder

16)  Cuckooland - Richard Jobson Dance

15)  Posers - Nothing

14)  The Dwarves - Sluts Of The USA

13)  Paper Suits - Hate This Place

12)  The Economic Decline - Police Volvo

11)  Screaming Bloody Marys - Johnny Fuck'er Faster

10)  Pears - Judy Is A Punk

 9)  Ruth Mundy - Fucking Tories

 8)  Real Sickies - Go Away

 7)  Spells - Jetset

 6)  W.O.R.M. - Vertically Unchallenged Baby

 5)  Closet Fiends - Heroinsomnia

 4)  Coneheads - Way Things Am

 3)  The Holograms - One Time Only

 2)  Lightyear - Life Jacket Water Wings

 1) Leftover Crack Ft Blag Dahlia - The Christ

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