Friday, 20 November 2015

Sticky Valentines - Bored On The Boardwalk

  Sticky Valentines are 4 rock n rolling "brothers" (that's brothers in the same way that The Ramones were brothers, ie not really) who got together as a band in Chicago but who are now based in Oakland. They go by the names Cody Valentine (guitars/vocals), JoJo Valentine (guitars/vocals), Jimmy oh Valentine (bass) and Caleb Valentine (drums/vocals).

  Serving up a tasty platter of power pop, punk, early blues and rock n roll they're influenced as much by 60's girl bands like The Marvelettes as they are by the classic punk sounds of The Sex Pistols or The Only Ones.

  Their debut release, the Pleased To Meet You (Femme Fatale) ep showcased their talents early in 2014 and they recently followed it up with the 6 track Sticky Valentines ep.  You can check them out here :

 They've also recently supported one of my favourite bands, The Briefs.

  The lead off track from the latest ep, this is Bored On The Boardwalk.....

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