Thursday 26 March 2015

Bottlecaps - Space Cadet


  Actually that isn't quite true, they're only half a world away, Melbourne in Australia to be precise. 

 Bottlecaps have only been together for just over a year but as you'll see in the song posted below they have massive potential. According to their FB profile they feature Timmy (bass, vocals), Kyns-Lee (guitar, vocals), Justin (drums, vocals) and Ian (guitar, vocals) whilst Kenny Rogers makes the coffee!

  Describing themselves as being LOUD X FAST X FUN X NOISE....A raw stripped back no holds barred punk rock moment in time with hard, short, fast, loud riffs fuelled by sheer energy, they're just my cup of tea (or coffee if Kenny's pouring). 

  You can get a few songs (including the one posted below) for free on their bandcamp :

  My favourite of these, and one which would have docked very near the top of my 2014 end of season chart if I'd have heard it in time, is Space Cadet. I really love this song and I think you will to......

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