Monday, 9 March 2015

Housewives - lick the pip


  A song today by a 5 piece from Sydney who feature members from Ghastly Spats (Lincoln Brown, Heather Swan) and Teen Ax (Sam Chiplin) plus Will Harley and Dean Adam. Housewives got together with the intention of starting a punk band in which they could channel their love of the old Killed By Death Records' sound into something exciting and new. With a reputation for chaotic, booze fuelled shows they released a single a couple of years ago on R.I.P. Society Records which featured the tracks Special Power, Who Am I, That's Chat and Lick The Pip. Aside from that I know pretty much nothing about them but I do know that Lick The Pip is a hell of a track. Fast, raw, wonderfully obnoxious vocals, play it loud.........

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