Thursday, 12 March 2015

Leftover Crack ft. Blag Dahlia - The Christ

  Whilst reading a interview with Leftover Crack's Scott Sturgeon ( ) I realised that I haven't yet posted a song by one of my favourite bands. Truth be told, I've been holding back, hoping that their long awaited new album would turn up but as it appears to still be a good few months away I'm going to go with one of the unreleased tracks from the reissue of their 2004 Fuck World Trade lp.

  Forming in 1998 from the ashes of Choking Victim (who's No Gods No Managers is one of the greatest albums ever), Leftover Crack mix hardcore punk rock with ska and write, often in a provocative manner, politically charged anthems. Previous to Fuck World Trade, their debut full length, Mediocre Generica, was originally to be titled Shoot The Kids At School but a bust up over the intented title caused their eventual departure from Epitaph Records.

  Now (as far as I'm aware) featuring a line up of Stza (Scott Sturgeon) (vocals), Alec Baillie (bass), Chris Mann (guitar/vocals), Brad Logan (guitar/vocals) and Donny Morris (drums), my hopes for the new record are sky high. Until it sees the light of day, here's something to tide you over. Featuring Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia, this is The Christ.....

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