Wednesday 25 March 2015

Oh! Nullah - Jaded Summer

  Another new release for you today, this one is by a band from Hong Kong called Oh! Nullah. Comprising of Ben Tse, Nic Tse, Ding Lee and Glenn Bogador, they're a diy outfit that share a love of "90's pop punk, indie rock, midwest emo, DC hardcore and all that good stuff..."

  Originally a post hardcore band called The Lovesong, they morphed into their present incarnation following the departure of guitarist Ephraim Bano and the introduction of replacement Glenn Bogador who had previously been a member of metalheads, Shepherds The Weak. Active since 2014, they've already released an album titled She Spoke In Tongues, I Spoke Incompetence and a self titled single and now a healthy work ethic has seen the release of sophomore album, Jaded Summer. You can check it out "name your price" here : 

  Sounding like something that could easily fit into the Dischord Records' back catalogue, this is the title track from the new album......

I wrote this song for a good friend of mine after his mother passed away. It was a difficult time for him and his family, and I wanted to write something which reflected those moments as honestly as I could but also offered hope because I didn’t know how else to respond in a time like that. It’s a tribute to him, his family and his beautiful mother." 

Tired eyes won’t rest inside this broken logic 
Can we carry the weight of time 
Back from our failures? 
The season’s changing 
Will we feel fine without retaining 
The things we’ve lost, those dear to our lives 
The moments passing? 

This summer is changing our lives 
Never knew what winter had lost 
Springtime has found us a dream 
Autumn air extending the cost 

Jaded summer can’t erase 
All retired, sober pain 
Jaded summer won’t forget to tell us 

Our minds rely on highs (So hesitant inside) 
That will shape our lives (To solitude confide) 
Inconsistent thoughts (No one really knows) 
Won’t join the dots 

Take the path that works (That no one travels on) 
Mocked, unseen, absurd (You’re going the wrong way) 
Where the path shall end (Time might find a friend) 
No one knows when 

The time will pass 
It’s temporary 

Surely sadness won’t change our lives 
It’s only emotion 
But what I’ve thought would turn out right 
Was something different 
The world goes on without my thoughts 
The same things happening 
Finding meaning to call my own 
But would it find me?

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