Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Stops - Black & White

  There's been some really good new releases featured recently and today I've another one from you (totally coincidentally it's a second consecutive one from Portland, Oregon....I'm sure it's something in the water over there that's responsible for the high proportion of great bands in that area).

  The Stops are an all girl punk band (Lizzie, lead vocals....Ruby, guitar/vocals....Rita, guitar/vocals....Cissie, bass....Fukuko, drums) who "play melodic hooks." They released a demo at the beginning of 2014 and have recently released a 3 track preview to promote their debut album which is going to be called Nameless Faces. You can check both out here :

  There's also going to be a split 7" with Singapore band Daily Ritual. As with the album it'll be on Sabotage Records.

  Recorded and mixed at Red Lantern Studios in Portland by Adam Becker and mastered by the legendary Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory  (who you should definitely check out if you love great music), this is from Nameless Faces and is called Black & White.....

Don't tell me why, the other night 
You came inside, you sought me out 
I could not go, I had to stay 
It was so Black & White 

And the other day - you came outside 
When you sought me out, I did not leave 
But I tried... so here I am cause I didn't wanna think it through 
Those blue green yellows make me hypnotized 
And I can't think straight 
But I feel fine 

You don't know how to go about your way 
When you are gone, it feels like everything is lost 
But I don't care if I know you're here 
It makes me feel like it's okay 

Don't tell me why - I don't want to know 
The other night you sought me out 
I could not go, I had to stay 
It was so Black & White 
And the other night, you met my eyes 
You sought me out when you came outside

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