Friday 27 March 2015

Real Sickies - Go Away

Right, where to start.....

  One good thing with posting a song and not writing too much is that hopefully you don't get too bored having to read anything other that a brief band introduction. Another good thing is that when I stumble across a great song I can share it with you in pretty much no time at all.

  Thanks to Ben Disaster who not to long ago added a new song to the New Punk Rock Music group with the comment "For fans of The Ramones, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, Heartbreakers etc. From The debut cassette Edmonton Alta presents REAL SICKIES...."

  So interest piqued I had a listen and wasn't the first person to think wow!!!

  Anyway, as there's pretty much no information to be found about them (anyone who does know anything please feel free to add to the comments section) let's cut the waffle and let their music speak for itself. This is Go Away, something I hope this great new band aren't planning on doing anytime soon.......

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