Saturday 8 August 2020

Millie Manders and The Shutup - Bitter

  I think we've heard enough from Norwich & London based Millie Manders and The Shutup ( recently to realise that their upcoming debut album Telling Truths, Breaking Ties is going to be something just that little bit special. They've already released a number of top notch eps but now there's the compelling evidence presented by 3 teaser singles. In March they dropped Silent Screams, a worryingly frank account of being in a very dark place and this was followed in June by Your Story, an upbeat song about the sad topic of unrequited love. You can find them here :

  And now here's the 3rd of those singles. It's an angry song directed against someone who's the focus of Millie's wrath. Her hearts hurting and she's wanting to rip that someone apart. She's in a bad place but she's comforted by her dark thoughts.

  My overarching feeling on what I've heard from the album so far are that all's not been sunshine and light in Millie's life (the album's title suggests she's opening herself up like a book and exorcising a few demons before moving on to what 's hopefully a brighter tomorrow) and also... damn what a great voice she's got. I'm looking forward to hearing the full package. You can pre order the translucent red vinyl & cd here :

  This is Bitter...

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