Sunday 2 August 2020

All Hits - Don't Wanna


  A couple of weeks ago on the show I played a song called Blockhead, a scrappy modern punk gem from Portland, Oregon 3 piece All Hits (it was on this show It was just one of the tracks from their very impressive album Men And Their Work which came out in June on Iron Lung Records. 

  The band line up with Janie (guitar), Sam (drums) & Izzy (bass) and I've seen comparisons drawn with the likes of Wire, Wipers, Sleater Kinney, Raincoats and the Slits (personally, I'd throw The Coathangers in there as well). Last year they released a 4 track purple cassette titled Introducing... of which only 100 were made but it looks to still be available here :

  Men And Their Work is available on various coloured vinyl. Black and translucent smoky blue from Iron Lung  and coke bottle clear from Rough Trade
It's also streaming here :

  It's an impressive looking package but it'd be no use to anyone if the music didn't match up. Fortunately it does. It's feminist post-punk. Angular guitar, prominent bass and powerful vocals. It sounds both familiar and fresh and deserves your attention.

  This track opens with the couplet "I'm going to need you to fuck off. I'm getting really pissed off." It's a statement of intent from a band that won't be told what to do and it's called Don't Wanna...


  1. have you heard Cold Meat from Perth Aus - if you like this i think you'll like cold meat - lazy anarchy by them about male punks is brilliant

    1. Yeah I've featured them a couple of times. Great band