Sunday 9 August 2020

Satanic Togas - Killin' Cops

  It seems as though Kool & The Gang Bangers may have some competition in the race to be crowned the best trashy budget punk band of 2020. All hail Sydney denizens of the underworld, The Satanic Togas. (

  They've been putting out an impressive catalogue of shitty songs for shitty people for the last 6 years and their latest toxic emission has just dropped in the form of the Underworld Cassingle Club ep. It's a rather wonderful short sharp blast of offensive lo fi goodness and it suggests that the band's upcoming new album on Goodbye Boozy Records will be something very special indeed.

  The album is due next month and will be titled X Ray Vision. It's just one of a number of exciting looking releases from the label so keep an eye on their Bandcamp page (and whilst you're at it, check out their recent 96-98 Mixtape)

  Back to today's song; you can get the ep as a name your price download :

  This is the lead track, It's called Killin' Cops...

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