Friday 7 August 2020

The Thorazines - There's Always Time For One More Bro Hymn


  Ever get the feeling you can't go on Just remember whose side it is that you're on You've got friends with you till the end If you're ever in a tough situation We'll be there with no hesitation Brotherhood's our rule we cannot bend...

  It's obviously been a very difficult year for most people due to the Corona virus pandemic and things don't look as though they're going to return to anything like normal anytime soon. This is bound to have an effect on people's mental well being. Being cooped up in isolation and possible worries about money matters, job security and the health of vulnerable family and friends are going to take their toll. The song I'm featuring today is about bringing people together and it does exactly that by bringing together a bunch of talented musicians who collaborate on the song; people like J Prozac, Netherlands pop punkers Tower Crane Towers, Californian Ramonescore fan Xara and Mike from Moncton's The Follow Ups. It's inspired by the Pennywise classic Bro Hymn and not only is it in aid of a good cause (all monies made will be donated to Mental Health Awareness programmes) it's also a great song.

  The Thorazines ( are a 3 chord pop punk band from Melbourne (a city that's currently in lockdown due to a second wave of the virus). Despite struggling to get together they've already released a couple of eps this year (She Doesn't Know You're A Creep and Can't Wait For Yesterday) which are both fun and very catchy. They've outdone themselves though with this new track. At almost 5 minutes in length it's somewhat of a pop punk epic but it's one that'll blow your mind. You can grab it here :

  There's Always Time For One More Bro Hymn...

Death seemed so far away when we were so young
I thought we’d get smarter but we just grew dumb
It seems no one is listening
And ignorance is blissening
You and I were bound together
We said we’d fight the world forever

Life is too easy for a precious few
Blindly consuming while living subdued
Unaware of their own ignorance
Living lives of insignificance
Charming and useless but they'll never break us now

The end seemed so distant when we were just kids
I honestly thought we would have time to fix it
Now you’re just not listening
The silence is blistering
We had promised to be bound forever
Dared to fight the world together

I know people change and some values can fade
What was once so important starts drifting away
But now you have attached yourself
To what we used to laugh about
We promised to stay gold forever
At least one of us still remembers

We fly under the radar
Tell me none of this is real
The media is blitzing
Controlling what we feel
We've got to weather the storm
Be smart and hold the ones we love
Let the music save our souls.
Yeah, we've got each other and rock and roll.

Life can be so cruel and it’s too hard for some
It tricks us with lies and we now trust no one
But not everyone will let you down
I’m here to say that I’ll always be around
I’ll be with you forever
We can fight this world and rise up together

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