Friday 31 July 2020

Dame - Bubble Baby


  Dame are a dark post punk band based in Boston, Massachusetts who formed in 2015 and line up with Diana (vocals), Anna (guitar), Lauren (keys), Meghan (drums) and Dani (bass). They've featured in numerous other bands such as Exit Order, Leather Daddy, Bad Idea, Native Sun etc...

  Their first release was a 5 track ep titled Charm School and they followed it up in 2016 with a split cassette ep with The Cringe. 2017 saw them release a Self Titled ep on Charm School Records and you can check it out, along with the debut, here :

  Despite being spread out geographically they managed to get together before the Covid pandemic took a hold to record a new 7 track 12". The blue vinyl version is already sold out but you can get it on black from Beach Impediment Records


  It's also available as a name your price download :

  My favourite song? Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with it than with the new material (or maybe just because it's so bloody good!) but I'm opting for a reworked track from their debut ep. This is Bubble Baby...

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