Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Riviera Kid - Do Something!

  Riviera Kid are two best friends from Margate & Boughton who make "heavy melodic music with protest poetry lyrics." Johnny Yum Yum sings and plays guitars whilst Dan Atkinson sings and plays drums. They're DIY punks with day jobs living the weekend dream. They formed in the summer of 2018 and released their first ep, It's Not A Matter Of A Or B, at the start of 2019. It mixed elements of hardcore, grunge and punk to create a noisy and socially conscious statement of intent.

  They returned a couple of months ago with a new ep. Titled Stay Positive it's another powerful slice of shouty punk goodness in which they enlist the help of Jim Jam, Kate Wintie, Liz Hayward and Jim Kemp on backing vocals. It's available on Back From The Dead Records on cd and digital download :

  I've been meaning to post a track for a while and I've had Casual Racism (lyric video here : lined up and ready to go but whilst listening to the ep again I find myself drawn to a different song. It's a song that's going to be on the new #SolidarityNotSilence compilation from Hell Hath No Fury Records later this summer and it's both energetic and highly addictive with the added backing vocals ensuring the chorus is one of the catchiest you'll have heard recently.

  "If you see a problem you can fix...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."
  "You don't need to up and quit...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"
  "Your life can flash before your eyes...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"
  "Before you even realise...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."
  "Your mental health might fall apart...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."
  "It's never too late to make a start...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."
  "The world can be a shitty place...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."
  "It's not all bad it's not too late...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."

  Sounds good yeah? Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Click play...

  Do Something...

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