Sunday 5 July 2020

The Owen Guns - It's Too Late


  You may remember that last month I featured the first single from Aussie hardcore punks The Owen Guns ( Titled Fuck Cyclists, it was a tongue in cheek tirade against the lycra clad road menace ( It was the first single released from their upcoming Violating Community Standards ep. Today they release single number 2 and as it went down a storm in the chatroom on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show I thought I'd share it on here.

  The song is a more serious affair than it's predecessor and it showcases both frontman Sean St Leone's powerful vocals and the band's ability to knock out an impressively pounding back beat. The music was written by Adam "Checky" Check (Toe To Toe/One Dollar Short) whilst lyricist Sean had this to say about the story behind the track; "I don't normally write lyrics that are personal but this is an exception. I wrote it after finding out a "friend" tried to sexually assault another friend of mine. The victim asked me not to bash him when I found out so I respected their wishes, went round and hurled threats and abuse at him, and came home and wrote the lyrics."

  It's available via iTunes, Amazon, Google music & Spotify.

  It's a song with real bite and bodes well for the future of a band that have roared out of the starting gate all guns blazing. It's titled It's Too Late...

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