Monday 13 July 2020

Kids Of Skids - Army Store

  If you're a fan of snotty, irreverent punk rock music by bands that sound as though the couldn't give a fuck (but have probably put lots of effort into sounding as though they couldn't give a fuck) then Australia is as good a place to look as anywhere at the moment.

 Kids of Skids ( are a 4 piece from Sydney who formed in 2018 and who feature a line up of Phe (vocals), Lucas (guitar), Ati (bass) and Mark (drums). Lucas featured on here recently with his other band, The Owen Guns. They released a debut Self Titled ep in March on local label Innercity Uprising. 4 short blasts of energetic and aggressive punk rock with plenty of attitude and an impressive amount of swearing. There was a ltd edition cd (50 copies only) and it's also available as a name your price download :

  Not only did they release their debut ep in March, they also took a step further along the road to world domination by signing to Riot Records ( and this week sees them polishing up the opening track from the ep and releasing it as a single. You know what, it's great cobber! It's a sub 90 second barrage of fast paced banging and shouting about the joys of going out to buy a big shiny and no doubt very sharp knife. It's called Army Store...

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