Wednesday 8 July 2020

Omega Tribe - Dandara Dos Santos

    "Beautiful song.... so sad it had to be written"
    A comment from someone called Steve Laughsalot which sums up today's song nicely.

    Omega Tribe formed in Barnet in 1981 (as Deadly Game), they were a vital part of the anarcho-punk scene with releases on Crass Records and Corpus Christi before splitting in 1988. There was a brief reunion in 1995 but it was 2016 before they got back together properly.

  They've just released a new 6 track ep on Grow Your Own Records and whilst musically their sound may have changed their ethos remains the same. It's available on 10" turquoise with flecks vinyl, cd and digital download :

  The song I'm featuring is on the surface a gentle sounding love song until you listen to the lyrics.

  It's a tender tribute in memory of a 42 year old transgender woman who was beaten, tortured, shot and bludgeoned in Fortaleza, Brazil. It's a case that highlighted the high number of attacks on transgender people. You can read more here :

  Dandara Dos Santos...

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