Saturday 18 July 2020

The Asteroids - Telephone


  Before you listen to today's song, can i suggest you get comfy, close your eyes and then (yeah, I know it won't be easy clicking play with your eyes closed but humour me!) click play on the video at the bottom of this update. You may be fooled into thinking you've been transported back in time to Manchester, January 1977. Whilst not quite as primitive sounding as the classics on UK punk's probable first and possible best ep, the song you'll be listening to certainly certainly shares a similar vibe.

  The Asteroids ( are a 4 piece (Asteroid J, K West, Mike West and Julian West) from Wales who've recently released 2 of an initial run of 3 singles. The first of these paired up Never Give Up with Nothing Means A Thing To Me and was a lively intro to an exciting new band. The follow up is even better. As well as the track I've already enthused over there's also sub 1 minute burst of energy titled One Way System. None of the 4 tracks reach the 2 minute mark, they all kick down the door, rush in and slap you around the face before rushing out again. You can get them here :  I'm really looking forward to the next single and the album that'll follow it!

  Great guitar, killer harmonies, this is Telephone...

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