Monday 27 July 2020

Grim Deeds - Empowered By Pride

  I'm assuming that it won't be long now before the releasing of new music slows down a little, we have been going through a global pandemic after all and bands have been finding it difficult to get together much and I would think getting to studios to record. This probably isn't something that would effect Grim Deeds much though given as he records most of his stuff in his car or at home. Getting into the classroom in which he teaches (and records his music) might prove a little more problematic but aside from that it'll be pretty much business as usual. So it's no real surprise he's just released a new 7 track ep.

  Admitting he needs to keep making music but hinting that changes may be in the pipeline he says this...

"This collection came together somewhat frantically, but still organically. I needed to record almost daily in order to stay sane during the (currently) ongoing pandemic. The result is a strange but honest range of tunes that vary in tone and meaning, yet remain true to my vision of what Grim Deeds should be. As we march forward into uncertainty, new chapters may begin while others are left behind. Savour these songs as if they were the last of their kind, because they very well may be!"

  The ep is titled Pathos which is an an apt description of the song I'm featuring today. Before I get to that though I'll let you know that you can get the ep on cd and digital download from Outloud! Records.

  So, Pathos.... a quality that evokes sadness or pity. And that's the emotion Grim appears to feel towards those who insist that Covid 19 is a hoax or maybe not that dangerous. He takes the role of someone who knows best, someone who won't listen to reason, who probably won't wear a mask or consider the well being of his neighbours. Someone who is maybe going to die due to their ignorance and stubbornness.

  This is Empowered By Pride...

Don’t tell me about truth
If it feels right I’ll believe it
if you try to force me
I’ll just refuse at every turn

Don’t tell me about choice
I know what is best for me yeah
And I will know my enemy
The ones destined to burn

I will hold my head high
As I cement my doom
I can’t listen to reason
For there is no room

I’m empowered by pride
And no one could persuade me otherwise

Don’t tell me that I’m wrong
You’ll just reinforce my feelings
My emotions and ego
Are much too precious to me

I will puff out my chest
As I take my last breath
And will die with my guarantee
That I knew best

I’m empowered by pride
And inside I know I’m always right

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