Saturday, 3 September 2016

Razorcut - Raise Our Glasses


  Today I'm posting a song by another one of the bands that are leading the current welcome resurgence of Oi/Streetpunk music. As you'll be aware if you're a regular Just Some Punk Songs visitor (or if you heard the Oi music special show that I put together a while back :, there's plenty of great new bands putting out some wonderful new punk anthems. Long may it continue.

  RazorCut are from Melbourne and formed in 2011. They took their name from the Guitar Gangsters' song That's When The Razor Cuts. Influences include The Crack, CockSparrer, Argy Bargy, Blitz, Anti Heroes etc....

  Their debut ep, Combative Attitude, came out in 2012 on both Rebellion and Longshot Records. Following this release, original singer Owen left the band and was replaced by Marching Order's Al White. Next up came a couple more eps, Gone Are Those Days... and Battles plus a 7" single, Locked Up / Fighting Fit. Debut album, Rise Again, came out (again on Rebellion & Longshot) to some rave reviews in 2015 and you'll find a song from this release below.

  They've recently been in the studio recording a new album, it's going to be called Common Enemy and they're hoping it'll be out later this year. Whilst we wait, this is an extremely catchy tribute to the ones who aren't here tonight. Raise Our Glasses.....


  1. Oi/Streetpunk music, please resurge !!! : )))

  2. it's definitely resurging mate. the mainstream might be pretty much ignoring it but there's so many great new bands putting out awesome new music. i've featured old firm casuals, rixe, crown court, wolf bites boy, gimpfist, the uncouth, oldfashioned ideas, syndrome 81, Noi!se, control, hard wax, bishops green... just to name a few.