Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Mutha Luvin Chimps - Red Alert


  Manchester band Mutha Luvin Chimps take their cues from the best. A glance at their Facebook profile tells you that their influences include The Buzzcocks, Undertones, Ramones, The Jam, SLF etc... They deliver original music that's melodic and refreshing. Spawned by a love of classic era punk but with a modern twist.

  The current line up features Jonny Baggs (vocals), Nozzer (guitar), The Saint (bass/vocals) and Silverback (drums). A click on their website will bring you to their Life, Love & Daytime TV cd which is available in physical form or for free digital download :

  In a couple of days they release their catchy as hell new single. It's a song about an alien invasion of Earth by orange skinned women with weird duck like faces wearing Primark boots (you've no doubt seen their like round your local town centre). Call Captain Kirk, this is Red Alert......

Don't shoot, we're empty handed,
Weird girls from outer space have landed,
They look strange and they all dress the same
It's insane!

Oh my god! The Martian girls have landed!
Orange skin, boots primarny branded,
I think it's time to call Captain Kirk
This is Red Alert!

Call the cops! Their laser guns are booming,
With eye brows that are clearly not human,
A strange race, beaming down from outer space,
With a strange duck face!

Don't look now, the Martian girls have landed,
Orange skin, boots primarny branded,
I think it's time to call Captain Kirk,
This is Red Alert!

The chances of anything coming from Mars was a million to one he said,
Who is that girl on the high street with silicon brains in her head?
Laser guns are set to stun, emergency code red,
It's getting worse, where's Captain Kirk?
Call Flash Gordon instead......

Oh my god! The Martian girls have landed......

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