Sunday, 4 September 2016

Vista Blue - When It Was Summer

"When it was summer
  we spent our days just driving
  straight up the east coast
  New England weather felt just fine...."

  There's lots of things I celebrate in my life. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas & Easter (more for the time off work than any religious reasons) etc. Those power popsters in Vista Blue however seem to celebrate more occasions than most.

Christmas? Yep, let's put out an ep.
The MLB All-Star Break? A good excuse to release an ep.
 Halloween? Let's pay tribute to Jamie Leigh Curtis.
Hurricane season? Betsy Took My Baby Away
Record Store Day? Let's dust down our song for Sisters In Christ
The Olympics? Yep, we got it covered

  You get the idea? any excuse for a good celebration. Anyway, summer's drawing to a close, the night's will be drawing in, leaves will soon be falling and Vista Blue have just put out a new ep to mark the changing of the seasons. It's called Summer's Over and as usual it's available name your price so there's no excuse not to snap it up and share it around :

  I've featured Vista Blue plenty on here so I'm running out of different ways to describe their catchy, upbeat pop punk/power pop sound, I'll just add that if you've enjoyed their previous releases you'll enjoy this equally as much. 5 new songs (including an upbeat cover of a song originally recorded by Better Than Ezra and a love letter to Dr Frank Portman of the Mr. T Experience), everyone a delight.

  This is an infectiously nostalgic trip down memory lane back to when days were long and cares were few. When It Was Summer.

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