Thursday, 22 September 2016

Natterers - Make Room! Make Room!


  A few months ago I posted a great song by The Wurst called Soylent Green which was inspired by the old Charlton Heston movie in which the expanding population are living on a diet of something they might not enjoy as much if they knew what it was made up of....

  For today's update, I'm bringing you a song inspired by the 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! which was written by Harry Harrison and which was the source material for Soylent Green. The song calls out the irresponsible adults who reproduce for no better reason than it's something to do and warns that Harrison's novel might not be too far away from becoming fact rather than fiction. It's a warning to take better care of our world before it's too late.

  Natterers are a hardcore punk band from Yorkshire comprising of Chris (bass), Emma (shouting), John (drums) and Thomas (guitar). They recently released a demo cassette ep (limited to 100 copies) and it promises great things for this new UK band. You can get more info, or snap up a name your price digital download of the ep here :

   A tasty treat, this is the lead track, Make Room! Make Room!

We raped the Earth 
Polluted, drained, 
Hunted, ravaged 

So sorry Harry, it’s all come true! 

Apple of your eye 
Bane of the world 
There’s too many of us 
Baby baby baby baby 

Breeding like flies 
Selfish desire to reproduce 
To fix your own broken dreams 
Planet Earth doesn’t need another you 

Our burning sphere 
Our polluted air 
Our ecocide 
Our rotten history 

Make room, make room! 
Make room, make room!

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