Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sunny On The Causeway - You're My Number One (Lindsay Lohan)


  Sunny On The Causeway are from Brooklyn (if you believe Dying Scene) or Pennsylvania (if you believe Bandcamp) and are a pop punk band who feature past member(s) of a band called Lifeboat VB.  They've a bunch of releases over on Bandcamp including the name your price album Graffiti (make sure you check out the song John's Not A Punk) and the new single, which I'm featuring below. https://sunnyonthecauseway.bandcamp.com/

  The new single is the first cassette to be released in a collection that will eventually make up a digital album, Pop Singles Vol. 1. It's unashamedly upbeat, feelgood, old school pop punk which sounds to me a little like Blink 182 before they made the big time.

  You're My Number One (Lindsay Lohan).....


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  1. Not enough on the US poppy punk side, to paraphrase a "Veteran"!! :)