Friday, 9 September 2016

The Gaggers - Dont Follow Me

  A welcome return for London based, snotty '77 style punk rockers The Gaggers today. I've already written about them on here before and covered a number of other bands who share members with them such as Disco Lepers, Cold Callers, Stalin Video, Botox Rats etc so I don't need to ramble on too much here.

  The song you'll see below was a single earlier this year on No Front Teeth Records. It had looked as though they'd broken up but they teased us with a promise that we'd be hearing a lot more from them and released the single, now they've put out an accompanying video.

  Entitled Don't Follow Me, it still features Terminal Dagger's distinctive vocals but it's not as frantic as much of their earlier stuff. There's a new wave buzz added to that '77 vibe and I think it sounds great. Enjoy......

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