Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dischord - Red Poppies


  Blackpool punks Dischord recently made a triumphant return with their new album, War Or Peace. Released on August 30th, it's a hard hitting political punk masterpiece. If you listen to the album (and you should), you'll notice it's a well written treatise on the subject of war, song titles include War, Peace, Shellshocked, Battlefield and it finishes with Love in which they pronounce "....they want to fight and they want to kill, but I want to live in peace." Another couplet, "Red is the colour that brings them to me. Their blood and their souls, they gave for free" pretty much sums up the futility of war. All in all, an elegiac lament with a heavy soundtrack.

  You can check it out here :

  The song you'll find below is a scathing indictment of the role of those in power in sending our youth to die on foreign shores. This is Red Poppies.....

You can't save the soldiers 
Who died in 1917 
But with a canteen full of hate 
You can desecrate their legacy 
Shedding blood for oil 
You guaranteed your place in hell 
Pulling the triggers for the rich 
In the wars the rich won't fight for themselves 

And you can wave their flags 
And you can dance their dance 
But there's no help for heroes 
They're still rotting in France 

And you can sound the horns 
At the cadets parade 
But they're following footsteps 
To an unmarked grave 

Rotting and forgotten 
In an unmarked grave 

And you can fight for England 
And say you killed for your country 
But you'll die for a German Queen 
And an all American currency 
Dropping bombs on schools 
You guaranteed your place in hell 
Killing children for the crown 
In the wars the crown don't care about 

'I was born in this town 
But I was made a monster 
Dehumanised. Radicalised 
Taught to kill without compromise 
So pack up your troubles 
In your old kit bag 
But they won't support you 
When you come back.'

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