Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Danger!man - Onions


  Oslo punks Danger!man are back today with a track from their upcoming new album, Weapons Of Mass-Distraction. Forming in 2009 and taking inspiration from 80's hardcore they last featured on here 3 years ago with a song from their excellent split release with fellow Norwegians Lucky Malice ( You can download the split and their other releases here for free :

  The new album is due out on 27th September, you can pre order it on limited edition coloured vinyl (with cd included) from Boss Tuneage (be quick, there's only 200 copies) and you can stream a couple of tracks here : 

  To help promote the album they've a number of gigs lined up:

  This is one of the teaser tracks they've shared, it certainly does the trick of stoking up anticipation for the full album. It's a pacy, gruff voiced and very good indeed. It's called Onions...

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