Monday 21 November 2022

The Windowsill - Love You Better (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Seems like I've been telling people forever that this band is THE benchmark for European Pop Punk. So who are these 4 gentlemen from The Netherlands that make up this "supergroup"? We got Marien Jonkers (Giant Eagles, The Shivvies, The Apers) on vocals & guitar, Ivo Backbreaker (Giant Eagles, Lone Wolf, The Bat Bites, The Apers) on guitar, Jerry Hormone (The Ragin' Hormones, The Quotes, The Apers, lots of solo projects) on bass and Sander Sane (The Accelerators) on drums. Quite the resume! 

  Since 2011 The Windowsill ( have released 3 albums, SEVEN split EP's, including the perfect 10" EP with Jagger Holly and have just released what I feel is their best album so far "Focus" ( 12 brand new songs that will break your heart but still give you hope that things are gonna get better. 

  The lead off song "Can't Stop Love" sets the tone perfectly. If you still miss The Apers then this band is your salvation. If another certain European "supergroup" hadn't nailed my pick for Pop Punk Album Of The Year already this would easily have been my choice. On an album full of hit songs this is my favourite track - "Love You Better"...

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