Monday 7 November 2022

Jo-Jo & The Teeth - Don't Get Too Heavy


  I wasn't intending to feature this song but it's really grown on me so here's the reasons why I didn't intend to post it and then the reason why I did...

  Paul Andrew Bedford occasionally sends me new releases that his company Kick Down The Doors is handling the PR for. To be honest, whilst there's been a few great ones which I've been more than happy to write about or play on the show, there's also been just as many that don't really fit the description of "hot and happening new punk music" (although I'm sure he'd maybe disagree on my definition of hot and happening new punk). As I feel awful saying no to people, I'm afraid I chicken out and don't reply at all in the hope that they think I've not received their message rather than that I'm a twat! 

  Anyway, he sent me the upcoming debut album by Jo-Jo & The Teeth ( They're Jo-Jo O'Donoghue, Rylan Woods, Keir Hicks, Max Battista & Andy Barker, a glam, rock n roll, pop quintet that name the likes of Queen, Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones & Aerosmith as influences. I had a listen and thought "yeah, it's decent enough, it's the sort of thing that you'd play loud in the car driving down Route 66 alongside the likes of You Can Go Your Own Way and Don't Fear The Reaper etc. It's American Rock FM, strong vocals, decent guitar riffs, enjoyable but not particularly something for Just Some Punk Songs. 

  But it nagged at me, and I listened again, and I was enjoying it more and more. The song that I'm highlighting below especially wormed it's way under my skin. 

  Another reason I was a bit hesitant about posting the song is that it's been out for 6 months but I'm sure it'll be new to many of you so who cares. 

  An additional bit of info that some of you will be aware of, The band are currently collaborating with Andy Blade, founder of original 1977 London Punk band Eater. JoJo & The Teeth are now officially ‘Eater’, recently opening  for Dinosaur Jnr, with J Mascis joining the band on stage for a couple of Eater classics.


  The album is titled No More Good News and it's out on December 2nd. You're gonna be hearing a lot more of this band. 

  Reminding me of lots of different things, Sheer Mag, 70's rock, alt country, power pop... This is Don't Get Too Heavy...  

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