Sunday 27 November 2022

Fear Gods. - The Greatest Song Ever Written (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  First off I'd like to Thank Mick Fletcher and the "Just Some Punk Songs" blog for always allowing me to help spread the word on some of the great bands we have here at The Jersey Shore. While I'm still mourning the loss of Night Birds we still got some great bands keeping the "Beach Sound" alive. In fact two of my favourite bands - Fear Gods. ( and OC Rippers ( just released a split EP together. To tell you how tight our scene is here, Fear Gods. singer Johnny Hate stopped by my place on Black Friday to hand deliver me a copy!

  The EP is unfortunately only available by mail order or at either bands shows. Here's the label info - "One Thirty Nine Records" 1020 Grand Concourse  The Bronx, NY 10451. Email - dc.marmon@gmail for prices.

  So each band delivers 2 new songs each. I'm gonna feature a Fear Gods. song because their 2 songs ARE available on their Bandcamp The OC Rippers do a rerecording of a song off their very first demo called "Teenage Heart" and a new banger called "Downtown". Both of these bands I consider good friends and two of the best bands currently destroying stages here in Jersey. Here's the OC Rippers Bandcamp so you can check out all their other top notch recordings

  The song I'm picking is called "The Greatest Song Ever Written" by Fear Gods. and is DEFINITELY the best song these scene vets have ever recorded...

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