Tuesday 1 November 2022

Radio Blast - King of the Block (Guest Review by Ralph J Rivera)

First off gotta say Thank You to our host Mr. Mick Fletcher for letting me get this completely biased review up on his blog. YOU inspire me to keep doing this! Now some quick history...

Back on February 29th 2020 I went to the Altantic City Leap Day Pop Punk Festival here in good ol' New Jersey. Some of the best East Coast bands were fully representing with a stacked line-up. Now about 4 bands in, this band from NYC called Radio Blast (https://www.facebook.com/radioblastofficial) took the stage and proceeded to leave my jaw on the floor! I'd only heard their 2019 EP "Let's Rock" but those songs, plus all the newer ones took on a different level in a live environment. These guys played REAL Pop Punk with balls! In the end Radio Blast held their own against such heavyweights as The Sheckies, The Prozacs and headliners The Huntingtons. I walked away a fan and made 4 new friends that day!

After the world collapsed a month later we stayed in touch and their singer/guitarist Kasper always kept me in the loop on new material. Needless to say - I absolutely LOVE this band. So here we are on Halloween 2022 and what has finally seen the light of day? Radio Blast's long awaited Self Titled LP/CD! https://radioblast.bandcamp.com/album/s-t. Available on their Bandcamp and Mom's Cellar Dwellars. The 2 previous EP's were excellent Ramonescore but this LP seems to take that formula a little further. Kicking off with a cool 50 second intro that bursts right into the first song "Lefty (Doesn't Own A Leather Jacket)". No time to take the foot of the pedal now boys! Following with some kick-ass new songs like "Latchkey Kids", "Debbie Downer", "One Track Mind" and ending on the perfect high note with "Back To Coney Island". An album nearly 2 years in the making this is the end result of hard work and perseverance. I can't recommend this album highly enough and do yourselves a favor and check out the video for "King Of The Block"...

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