Wednesday 16 November 2022

Big Mess - Venus in Bovver Boots


Free as a bird... Never even says a fucking word

  Ever heard of a guy named Shane MacGowan? Of course you have. He was in a band called Pogue Mahone. They changed their name to The Pogues after concerns were raised about Kiss My Arse not being a suitable name for a band who were breaking into the big time. It wasn't the first time he'd been in a band that had changed their name, he was previously vocalist with The Nipple Erectors (who shortened their name to The Nips). Their songs included a handful of very fine singles; King Of The Bop, All The Time In The World  Gabrielle & Happy Song. Other notable tracks included So Pissed Off and this one (a cover version of which I'm featuring today)          

  Big Mess ( are from Copenhagen. They've been around for about 8 years and claim to be Copenhagen kings of Bestial Pop (whatever that is). They recently released a double A side maxi single titled Chartbusters which is available on cassette and digital download. 

  All 4 tracks are very fine, all are under 2 minutes and included are opening track Working (somewhat of "a stomper"), "hot new anthem" Bedroom Mosh (here's the video and a re recording of one of their most popular tunes, Make Up Your Mind). You can get it here :

  The other chartbuster on the ep is the cover I mentioned earlier. It's called Venus In Bovver Boots...

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