Thursday 17 November 2022

Surface Waves - Reality Hash


  Surface Waves ( are from Leeds and feature members of Buzzkill, The Magnificent, Two Trick Horse and Achtung. The line up is Matt Colmer (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Coyle (Guitar/Vocals) Mark Silcock (Bass/Vocals) & Kev Sanderson (Drums).

  They've just released a new ep titled The Phantom Centre which they describe as containing "5 slices of banging rock n’ roll designed to make the day just a little bit sweeter." They remind me a little of Rocket From The Crypt (without the brass section) and bands of that ilk. Garage rock n roll played with skill and gusto. You can check out the ep here : 

  This track has a rather catchy refrain and some nifty guitar riffing, it's called Reality Hash... 

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