Monday 14 November 2022

Bad Waitress - Racket Stimulator


Just make some noise...

  Bad Waitress ( are a quartet from Toronto with a line up of Kali-Ann Butala (vocals and guitar), Katelyn Molgard (guitar), Eva Moon (drums) & Nicole Cain (bass). They got together in 2016 (originally named Nude Dogs) and released debut album, No Taste, last year. Now they return with a new single.

  It's actually their 2nd single of the year, the first, Spit It Out, was released in April and was a pleasingly abrasive alt-punk stomp (check it out 

  The new one is equally as in your face. It's available via Royal Mountain Records and streaming here :

  It's called Racket Stimulator...

Racket Stimulator
say you got it
and then later
you put it
in your pocket
you know its toxic
but you still it want it

Racket Stimulator
Just make some noise

Racket Stimulator
You were fine
until i see you later
your irate, coming in late
your drowning in the toilet
and now you’ve sealed your fate

Racket Stimulator
Just make some noise

Racket Stimulator
on the bedroom floor
Racket Stimulator
Do you want some more
Racket Stimulator
gotta stay awake
Racket stimulator
do whatever it takes

Racket Stimulator
lets make some noise
are you annoyed

Crash it, burn it, break it.
lift up your body and
smash it , crack it , trash it

lift up your body and
tear it all to into shreds
your body aching
red eyes stinging
Dripping sweat
from everywhere now

You’re falling down
it’s nearing dawn
You’re almost done
Now get up and

Crash it, burn and break it.
thrash it, lift up your body and smash it
No time to waste it’s a racket
It’s a racket

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