Sunday 6 November 2022

RABBIT - Sunday Best


  Almost a year ago I featured an awesome new power pop song titled Gone Gone Gone by a band called RABBIT ( I mentioned that they were from Hobart, Tasmania and that their intention is to write and release roughed up pop songs with "overdriven guitars and demo-quality recording." Well that's exactly what they've gone and done.

  Lining up with Maggie Edwards, Claire Johnston, Bobby K & Willy Wyers, they've just released a debut album titled Good Love Is A Hot Chip and if you loved Gone Gone Gone (it's included on the album), you'll find plenty more to enjoy. Not all of the songs are energetic power pop tunes, there's a couple of slower, longer and dreamier tracks included to add a touch of variety but they're bookended by those aimed for roughed up pop songs. Overall a very enjoyable listen, the album's available on cassette (it's very limited, there's only 100 copies) and digital download :

   This is the opening track, it seems appropriate to post it on this day of the week. It's an up tempo tale of waiting and yearning. It's called Sunday Best... 

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