Monday 31 October 2022

The Bad Shapes - My Body

(photo : Prok Anep)

  "My Body, My Rules..."

  The Bad Shapes ( are a really rather wonderful punk quartet from Berlin who's line up includes members of The Twitchblades and The Not Amused ( They line up thus; Pixie Gangbang (lead vocals), Kidnap (guitar/vocals), Benni Candy (bass) & Rosa Riot (drums).


  They've just released a Self Titled album on Wanda Records that the label describes as "12 songs with pissed-off UK 77 meets 82 Razorblade flair: Penetration meets Violators (UK) meets Acton Pact!" If you've read this far and thought "hell yeah, that sounds promising" I can tell you that you won't be disappointed. It's like a long lost No Future Records release. It's out on vinyl (black or splatter) and digital download

  The songs are catchy enough that they sound instantly familiar, none more so than one you may actually have heard before, an excellent cover of this classic track originally recorded by The Problematics (I Guess I'm Not Cool Enough For You

  The song I'm highlighting today opens the album and is especially topical in these days of Roe V Wade. It's called My Body

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