Friday 18 November 2016

The Not Amused - Modern


  The Not Amused are a power pop band from Kreuzberg, Berlin who's line up features Sir Harris XLV Of Dresden (vocals), Rosa Riot (drums), Kidnap (guitar) and Shockhead Peter (bass). They've been releasing music for around 10 years, an example of which, 2012's Flaunting Their Talents By Appointment To Her Royal Highness album, can be checked out here :

  Inspired by a combination of mod revival, powerpop and Killed By Death era punk rock, they've recently released an album entitled Flat Broke and you can get a couple of tracks (including today's song) from it name your price on the Wanda Records Bandcamp :

  As well as the new album, they've also released a new single, it's called Be With You and you can listen to a track from it here : 

  From Flat Broke and catchy as hell, this is Modern.....

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