Tuesday 29 November 2016

In Evil Hour - Paveway IV

  In Evil Hour are a Darlington based hard hitting punk band (the second in 2 days from that region of the UK) who featured on here earlier this year with a song from 2015's Built On Our Backs ep : http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/in-evil-hour-predators.html

  They're currently working on a new album for release in 2017 but to tide us over till then they've just shared a new song and video. You can get the song name your price on Bandcamp and the video's posted below : https://inevilhour.bandcamp.com/

 Powerful, angry and bang on the money, this is Paveway IV. If you're reading this update in time, I'll be playing this song on today's Just Some Punk Songs show. It starts at 8pm (UK time) here : http://mixlr.com/mick-fletcher/

Now look today 
Market forces show the way and 
Invest your stake 
Through our tax they satiate the 
Free press, look round 
War profiteers with no renown and 
Lay down a line 
Between government and market minds 

Bleeding hearts will hold no sway 
Market forces demand enemies 
Transactions covert for our GDP 

We built the bombs, we sold the bombs 
Now drop the bombs on those ones 
Who turned against us 
Then make it television 
In selling on we take up arms 
We share the blood 
With those ones who oppress and murder 
Paveway IV nation building 

Your fear held dear 
Action's justified the danger's near 
We'll feed a need 
A symbiotic lust capital bleeds 
Distance it breeds 
Detachment from the actions that we see 
A land we damned 
With weapons we thrust into open hands 

Contractors will market death 
As homes and families feel their full effect 
The bloody cost of new diplomacy 

Hell facilitators 
We're global educators 
We push our mess under the rug for you to find 
These threads are weaved from flesh and bone 
We pave it flat and send it home 
Do as we say not as we do

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  1. top stuff - was worried it was going to be emo (like my step daughter listens to) from the picture - cheers