Saturday 26 November 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dave Moran (Apocalypse Babys)

  I was planning on taking a break from posting everyday but there's just so much great music that's deserving of your attention that I'm back already. I wanted to return (even though I haven't managed to stay away!) with a good update so I'm bringing you the 10 favourite songs of Apocalypse Babys frontman Dave "Asterix The Brat" Moran.

  Apocalypse Babys are one of the best UK punk bands from recent years, they're from Alfreton and have been active since 1990 and previously featured on this blog here :  I asked Dave what the current situation is with the band and he tells me that they're auditioning new guitarists and that there's going to be a new album released sometime in the new year. More details will surface here :

  As for his top 10, he said it was virtually impossible to choose just 10 but this is what he came up with......

 1)  RAMONES - Psycho Therapy

 2)  MOTORHEAD - Bomber

 3)  AC/DC - Thunderstruck

 4)  COCK SPARRER - Riot Squad

 5)  THE BLOOD - Gestapo Khazi

 6)  SEX PISTOLS - God Save The Queen

 7)  UK SUBS - Endangered Species


 9)  GUNS N ROSES - It's So Easy

10)  Toy Dolls - Glenda And The Test Tube Baby

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