Saturday 19 November 2016

Violence Creeps - I Hate Strangers


  On last week's Just Some Punk Songs show I played a cover of Soft Cell's Sex Dwarf by Oakland, California's Violence Creeps. It went down a storm with the listeners in the chatroom so it was only a matter of time before the band featured on here. Before getting on to today's song I'll just point you in the direction of Sex Dwarf, it's on the recent The Gift Of Music ep and can be found here :

  For anyone that's interested, all the Just Some Punk Songs shows get archived and the show that featured Violence Creeps is here :

  Violence Creeps feature Amber Feigel ("singing/writhing"), Max Nordile ("free bass"), Erin Allen ("traps, soul") and Shrimp Ripper ("shred, narking"). Not content to release just an ep, they've also put out a new album, Soul Narc. It's available on vinyl via Digital Regress Records or on Bandcamp here :

  The song featured below is the last track on Soul Narc, it's a discordant, angular and angry rant against someone who's not around as much as they should be. I Hate Strangers.....


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