Wednesday 23 November 2016

Lucky Malice - Side by Side

photo by :  HC - PUNK photography by Pere G. Ejby

  Earlier this year i posted a song by Norwegian band Danger!man which was taken from the split ep with fellow Norwegians Lucky Malice ( If you've ever listened to former Dr And The Crippens bassist Wayne Elliott's excellent Pulsebeat show you'd have probably heard him playing the ep as it's safe to say it's definitely one of his favourite releases from 2016. If you've not so far been lucky enough to discover the ep then it's your lucky day as you can snap it up name your price on the Tonehjulet Kraftpest Bandcamp page :

   Anyway, it's about time that I posted a song from the Lucky Malice section of the ep so here goes....

  Forming in 2004 and hailing from the town of Halden in Norway, Lucky Malice are a passionate feminist punk trio who's line up features Karine Braekke (drums/vocals), Linda Haug (guitar/vocals) and Hanna Fauske (bass/vocals). Their releases include an ep (Young And Breathless (2008)), a couple of splits (one with Gottemia in 2010 and this years split with Danger!man) and 2 albums (Homme Fatale (2012), Lucky Malice (2013)).

  If you check out their Facebook page ( you'll notice that they've got enough new songs ready to start recording a new album so watch out for that.

  In the meantime, from the split ep with Danger!man, this is Side By Side.....

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