Tuesday 15 November 2016

Jack The Lad - You Can Have It


  Jack The Lad are a band from the East Anglia area who started life playing covers of classic oi and punk tunes (available for birthdays, engagements, weddings, funerals and barmitzvahs! contact them at Jackthelad2424@live.com). Which is all well and good but possibly not interesting enough to get them posted on here. What is far more interesting is that fuelled by a love of Cock Sparrer, Blitz, Ruts, Cockney Rejects etc, they've started writing their own material and last December they released a debut single which featured a couple of very decent self penned tracks. Fingers crossed, they're hoping 2017 will see the release of an album.

  They've been together since 2013 though have previously featured in a number of other bands. Their single was released by Rebellion Records and the songs are You Can Have It and Get Up. The A side borrows one of punk's most famous riffs and is an oi stomper that could have easily been released 30 years ago. The flip side is equally as good and the cover features an iconic photo of one of Britain's greatest actors, Sir Michael Caine.

  You can find out more about them here : https://www.facebook.com/JacktheLad1000/

  I'll be playing this song on today's Just Some Punk Songs show along with plenty more great new punk tunes. If you want to listen it starts at 8pm (UK time) today (Tues 15 Nov) here : http://mixlr.com/mick-fletcher/

  This is You Can Have It.....

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  1. Yep that's a great song and as you say covers are fine but these guys are all good musicians in their own right. Future looks promising :)