Monday 21 November 2016

3D - 2 Segundos


  When I'm searching for music to post in this blog, I don't aim to find mainly UK and US bands but I'm possibly guilty of mainly being drawn to songs from those countries. I do try and search further afield and it's extremely satisfying when I come across something from places where I haven't shared music from before. I'm pretty sure I've not previously brought you anything from Brazil and I'm really happy that the first song to be posted from that country is absolutely wonderful.

  Unfortunately I know pretty much nothing about 3D but from what I can glean, they're a 4 piece all female band from Porto Alegre (which is the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul). They got together back in the 80's couldn't play their instruments but released a 1988 split tape with The Cobaias which was much loved and now after a remaster by the excellent Daniel Husayn, the 11 songs by 3D have been rereleased on a 7" through Nada Nada Discos.

  You can get a physical copy from Warthog Speak or a digital download from Nada Nada.....

  It appears that after 30 years, they're back together again with a line up comprising of Polish (vocals), Liege Milk (low), Mary O (guitar) and Leticia Rodrigues (drums).  You don't really need anymore info, you just need to listen to the song. This is 2 Segundos, it's a classic. Enjoy.....

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