Friday 11 November 2016

Candy And The Stripes - Crush At The Sweet Shop


  I'm guessing that today's update may have a few of you punk loving guys and gals running for the hills. Especially once you hear that the song I'm bringing you is by a band that could easily have graced the legendary C86 cassette that helped introduce a generation to the likes of The Shop Assistants, We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It etc. Still here? Well what if I tell you that they sing primarily about cats and candy? And that they're really rather poppy? If that ain't your thing, I'll see you tomorrow for something a bit noisier.

  For those that have made it this far, you might just like this.

  Candy And The Stripes (CATS for short) are a female fronted pop punk band from Berlin who's line up features Debby Candy (vocals), Marcel Candy (guitar), Jorg Candy (drums) and Benni Candy (bass). I first heard them on the massive Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol 3 compilation which was released name your price by Ramone To The Bone Records (  The song was a demo version of the one you'll find below but only hinted at how good their debut release would be.

  That debut release is an 8 track mini album titled In Sugar We Trust, rather aptly it's released by Candycat Records and is available either on coloured vinyl or from Bandcamp :

  The song below is a song about love at first sight amongst the candy canes and marshmallows and it's sweet enough to rot your teeth. Crush At The Sweet Shop....

All alone Sunday afternoon, 
Wondering what the hell I could do, 
When I walk up to the sweet shop on 
Prenzlauer Allee. 
Then my heart did do a flip, 
At first I thought it was a trick, 
For what came next did astonish me. 

And I see you standing there, 
With bubble gum in your hair. 
Liquorice between your fingers, 
Counting candy canes. 
Trapped in between the marshmallows, 
No way of escape nowhere to go. 
It was love at first sight, 
With my special sweet shop boy. 
It was love at first sight, 
With my special sweet shop boy.

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