Sunday 27 November 2016

Code Blue - Punks In The Streets

  "banned from the pubs and thrown out of the bars
    punks in the streets 'cause the streets are ours....."

  Code Blue are a three-piece street punk / oi band from Orpington, South East London, who recently released their debut album. Titled Punks In The Street, it's on A World We Never Made records and you can check it out here :

  Forming in 2009, they released an ep in 2012 before going on hiatus the following year but now they're back, batteries refreshed with the new album and a line up featuring Jack Lewis (drums/vocals), Nathan Fitzpatrick (guitar) and Tom Alcoran (bass).

  I'll be playing a different song on the Just Some Punk Songs show (Tuesday 29th Nov, 8pm UK time : ) but for today I'm going with the title track. This is Punks On The Street.....


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