Sunday 20 November 2016

Flat Back Four - Tonight


  If things go as planned, I'll be heading back to Lancaster next Saturday (26th Nov) as The Bobbin are hosting another of their excellant punk all dayers. The bill for this show features several bands who've already featured on this blog (D-Liberate, Dischord, Autopsy Boys, The Eddies) and today I'm bringing you a song by another. It looks like an awesome gig and the free admission price is an absolute bargain. If anyone reading this is in the area then I can't think of many better ways to spend a day.

  Flat Back Four are from St Helens (north west England) and have been plying their Leatherface, Snuff, Bad Religion, Thin Lizzy, Face To Face etc style of music since 2004. Honing their craft by playing over 350, both at home and abroad,  they've put out a number of releases, from 2006's Who Dares Penguins album to the recent Stu's Mum Calling. You can check them out here : 

  The line up features Ste Lingard (guitar/vocals), Ste Sharrock (drums/vocals) and Will Atkinson (bass/vocals).

  This is the lead track on the new ep, it's called Tonight....

At 17 I ruled the world, or so it seemed to me 
At 18 I could buy a pint, at last – legally 
At 19 I said goodbye and set off on my own 
At 20 I fell in love and grow up far from home 

I know I’m gonna be alright tonight, with you lot by my side 
I know, we’re gonna do things right, tonight, as long as we’re together 

At 21 I felt alive, I always gave my all 
At 25 I started having trouble with my balls 
At 30 I reassessed and set off once again 
At 39 I’m doing fine and never alone 

No man is an island 
No man is an island

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