Tuesday 1 November 2016

The Fialky (The Violets) - Feeling


  A big thanks to Guy Trelford today. When I started the New Punk Rock Music group on Facebook it was intended as an outlet for new bands to post their music and a side benefit for myself was that I could use the ones I enjoyed most to post on here when I was running low on ideas. Guy's been posting lots of great songs lately, including the one I'm sharing today.

  The Fialky are a '77 style punk band from Prague, Czech Republic, who formed in 2000 and who's line up currently features Marian "Kecup" Kudlea (vocals/guitar), Ota Cernohous (bass), Tom Calda (drums) and Marcel "Green" Janecek (vocals/guitar). The English translation of their name is The Violets.

  They've put out several releases, their latest album was 2015's Co Krok, To 15 Let Punkrock (an extended version of which is being rereleased). You can check them out here :








 They're currently filling the gap between albums by releasing a couple of cover songs, one will be out in early December whilst the first of them, a version of the Sex Pistols classic, has just seen the light of day. This is Feeling......

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