Monday 31 October 2016

Cadaver Club - Southern Cemetery

  As it's Halloween I think a bit of funeral punk might go down well.

  Cadaver Club are from Enniskillen, Ireland, they formed in 2012 and sing about all things death, devils and dark desires. They line up Mr Crowe (vocals), his wife Boom Chic Chic (bass), Dirge (guitars) and Draggle (drums).

  Their debut album was 2013's A Fate Worse Than Life and they've just followed it up with the highly acclaimed second album, It's Always The Quiet Ones. Ideally timed considering the time of year, it features 13 ghoulish songs and it's available on Pirate Heart Records. You can check out both albums plus several singles here :

  I'll be playing a different song from the album tomorrow night (Tues 1st Nov) at 8pm (UK time) in the Just Some Punk Songs show : but for today I'll go with the video they released a while ago, this is Southern Cemetery......

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