Monday 3 October 2016

Hateful - Static


  Hateful are from Glasgow and formed in 2002 taking their name from the Clash song that you'll all no doubt know and love. So far they've released 4 studio albums, a single, a live album and a split album with German band The Uppercuts. Their discography will be increased with the release of studio album number 5, Noize From The Streets, which will be out soon on Contra (vinyl) and Rebellion (cd).

  The current line up features Fire Exit and ex Revillos bassist Mekon Meechan, former Ex-Cathedra frontman Alex Aikin (vocals), Alex King (guitar) and Kev Mak (drums). To help promote the new album they'll soon be heading off to play a few gigs in Germany and Austria.

  This is one of the new songs, it's an upbeat tribute to a much missed broadcasting legend and it's called Static.....

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