Sunday 13 November 2016

The Functional Citizens - Stalker

  The Functional Citizens are from Kalamazoo, Michigan and formed in October 2014. Fuelled by a love of old school pop punkers such as The Ramones, Lillingtons, TBR, NOFX and with a dash of The Misfits' style of  horror & sci fi, they released a mission statement in the shape of last year's debut ep, Shut Up. They've just followed it up with an excellent debut album, out now on Smoking Cat Records and titled Inhuman Resources. You can check out those releases, plus a live set recorded earlier this year at The Well Basement :

  The line up of the band is Ryan Falor (vocals), Shyo Hartsell (guitar), Rob Smith (bass) and Garrett Myland (drums). They play catchy, upbeat pop punk and I'd recommend you check them out pronto.

  The song below will have you looking over your shoulder, he's watching you. Some day he'll catch up to you. This is Stalker.......

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